Uptime Monitoring

$4.99 / month



Avoid unnecessary business losses due to issues with your website

Keep a constant finger on the pulse – be notified as soon as any downtime or performance problems are detected on your website


24/7 alerts for downtime and performance issues

Available for both IPv4 and IPv6 enabled websites, Footprint’s Uptime Monitoring keeps you informed of any possible downtime or performance issues which may occur on your website. With thorough checks done once every minute, you won’t have to worry about your website going down for a long period of time without your knowledge, enabling you to make sure any issues that may occur are dealt with swiftly and accurately so you don’t lose business to preventable website issues


What You Get

  • Follows automatic redirects to different locations up to a maximum of 10 before a website is flagged as down
  • Monitor performance and uptime of SSL enabled websites
  • Uptime is checked every 1 minute
  • Highly configurable to only send alerts for events which go against the true behaviour of your website, preventing unnecessary false flags

Frequently Asked Questions

How frequently will my website be checked?
We check your website once every minute for any connectivity issues

Which protocols are supported?
Footprint Uptime Monitoring supports both IPv4 and IPv6, as well as websites with SSL or TLS certification. We also support the monitoring of resources secured with OAuth 2.0, client certificate or Basic/NTLM authentication protocols
The website I want to monitor is on a private network. Will this work?
Yes, Footprint Uptime Monitoring supports intranet services. This is done simply by installing a small automatically-updating piece of software which sits within your network. It will ensure the smooth operation of any internal processes you may need to monitor, such as payroll applications, CRMs, databases, and so on

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