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Take a two-pronged approach to online marketing

Display advertising has the advantage of increasing brand awareness while serving ads directly to your target audience


Advertise the most direct way to your target audience

Display advertising – placing clickable graphic advertisements in designated areas of websites – is one of the most established and effective ways of marketing your business online to target demographics. Using Footprint’s Programmatic Display service, you can distribute your ads throughout multiple advertising networks, reaching your ideal audience on any website serving ads from those networks. In addition to the initial ads being served to target markets, we also provide ad remarketing – displaying ads specifically to users who have already visited your website

What You Get

  • Run a single display campaign distributed across thousands of websites at once, reaching your target audience on nearly any website they are visiting
  • Use remarketing to deploy ads to users who have previously visited your website – an effective way of capturing the attention of people who are already “warm” to your products or services
  • Your own dedicated account manager who will work closely with you to deliver an effective marketing campaign which best suits your business and its needs
  • Increase awareness and branding for your business through our unique display portal that shows your ads in front of thousands of potential customers

Frequently Asked Questions

What does display advertising mean?
Display advertising is a form of online marketing which uses graphical advertisements placed on websites using advertising networks. Ads are distributed through audience targeting based on location, browsing habits, demographics, and search keywords

What is needed from me to start my campaign?
Your account manager will be in touch with you to gather all information necessary to run your campaign. Aside from that, all else that is needed from you is the ad creatives (the image files we use as your display ads, sized differently for a variety of standard ad sizes)
What if I need the ad creatives designed?
If you do not have the ad creatives already, we also offer ad creation services

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